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M103 Pressure Care Assistant prevents bed sores on the feet.HiTemp UR Australian medical Sheepskin prevents bedsoresHiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin Even Pressure BootWool-Pile Limb Sleeves for leg & arm protection & warmthWool-Pile Sock Booties for comfort & warmthWool-Pile Wrap Booties for cold sensitive feet Sheepskin Medical Boot- washableWashable Medical Sheepskin Walker handle coversMedical Sheepskin Wheelchair Seat & Back Covers





Pressure Sore FAQ:


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. My father has a bed sore at the base of his tail bone. What can I do to help him?

A. Bedsores are caused by a number of factors. If you reduce or eliminate these factors, the bedsore will heal. The 3 most important factors are: Pressure, Friction and moisture. Our M102, the HiTemp Urine Resistant Medical Sheepskins ( AS4480.1) will reduce all 3. We recommend that you have your father lie directly on the sheepskin for added comfort and pressure sore prevention. It should be used 24/7 for maximum effectiveness.


Q. My mother is confined to bed and has heel sores. What would you recommend?

A. Placing the heels directly on Medical Sheepskin will reduce or eliminate the causes of the sores. We recommend that you use the M103XD: Pressure Care Assistant. This is a piece of Pressure Smart XD1900 ( 24" X 15" ) with side flaps that can be tucked under the mattress to keep it in place.


Q. I see that you have 2 kinds of Medical Sheepskin. What is the difference between them?

1. The HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin(M102) is the highest quality sheepskin available. The pile density is very high and the sheepskin has been tanned so that it will not break down in the presence of urine. Ideal for incontinent patients. Excellent washability. Machine Wash in water up to 80oC, providing thermal disinfection. These premium quality sheepskins are still giving good service after being inn hospitals for more than 2 years. Sheepskins have been washed more than 200 times in Woolskin and still look and feel good. Ideal for incontinent clients since these sheepskin are Urine Resistant.

2. The  M101 Australian Medical Sheepskin is an excellent quality chrome tanned lambskin. The pile density is very good and has good washability with Woolskin. Wash in cool-warm water and Woolskin only. Wash as you would a good woolen sweater. These lambskins are not urine resistant and will break down in the presence of urine. Not recommended for incontinent clients.


Q. My mother is confined to her bed and wheelchair. How can I protect her from getting bedsores?

A. We would recommend that she uses the M102: HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin in the bed and wheelchair. These sheepskins weigh about 2 lbs and are easy to transfer from the bed to the chair. To prevent heel sores we suggest you use the M103XD: Pressure Care Assistant . Both products should be washed in W103: Woolskin- the best product for washing sheepskin and wool.


Q. How do I order your products?

A. You can see and order our products from our secure on-line store. Here you can order what you need, pay with your credit card and get immediate delivery. To place an order, click: Store or call: 1- 800 - 463 - 1985 and talk to our qualified and very experienced  staff. They can suggest the product best suited to your need.


Q. How long will it take to get an order to me?

A. Most orders in North America arrive within 3-6 business days. It is now possible to get UPS overnight delivery to the US- at extra cost.  Orders are delivered by CanPar/Canada Post in Canada and UPS/USPS in the US. International orders are sent as XpressPost or Insured Air Parcel.


Q. How much is Shipping & Handling?

A. Feel good about FREE Shipping & Handling for all orders over US $180.00  This offer is only for orders in Canada & Lower 48 States of the USA. For all other Shipping costs, click Ordering Info:




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Down-Under Wool is a leading edge company specializing in the prevention & treatment of bedsores, pressure sores and decubitus ulcers- a Benchmark for Quality Australian Sheepskin & Wool-Pile products since 1986.


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