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Here we provide the scientific evidence for the claims made about Australian Medical Sheepskin and Wool-Pile. This page outlines the value of using  Australian Medical Sheepskins and Wool-Pile for the prevention of bed sores, pressure sores and decubitus ulcers. The research data testifies to  the quality and performance of our products.

1. HiTemp UR Australian Medical Sheepskins:

. .the "top  of the line" of all  Medical Sheepskins.

                                   HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin on Hospital bed

A. Preventing pressure ulcers with the Australian Medical Sheepskin: an open-label randomised controlled trial:

The Medical Journal of Australia: 2004: 180 (7): 324-327:  Damien J Jolley, Robyn Wright, Sunita McGowan, Mark B Hickey, Don A Campbell, Rodney D Sinclair and Kenneth C Montgomery

This latest and largest clinical trial related to the efficacy of Australian Medical Sheepskins was carried out in the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Melbourne , Australia. The results of the trial showed that Australian Medical Sheepskins reduced the incidence of bedsores by 58%- a great saving in pain prevention and nursing care dollars.

For details of this study, click:

B. Clinical Trial from Freemantle Hospital and Health Service:   Australia

Melbourne Sheepskin Testimonial


C: Clinical Trial from the Salisbury Health Care NHS Trust ( England)


Salisbury Testimonial Clinical Evaluation of Australian Medical Sheepskin: BES Rehab Ltd
The Medical Equipment Centre, in conjunction with the Medical Physics Department, have been involved with the evaluation of the above medical sheepskins. This has involved laboratory testing followed by clinical evaluation within the ward situation.

The sheepskins have been used by a small number of patients who did not tolerate an alternating pressure system, which is our standard equipment for high risk patients or those with pressure ulcers. The patients involved in the evaluation either found the alternating pressure systems uncomfortable or else were deemed to be too light weight to benefit from an alternating pressure.

All the patients found the sheepskins to be very comfortable. From the nurses point of view, they considered the sheepskins beneficial in terms of pressure, friction and shear relief. Laundering has always presented problems with traditional sheepskins, resulting in a very short life expectancy. This has not been the case with the Australian Medical Sheepskin which can tolerate laundering at high temperatures and yet still maintain its form and shape.

We are currently planning further studies with these sheepskins as we consider they have a role both within the hospital and community setting.

Cheryl E Dunford, RGN, MSc
Clinical Nurse Specialist in Tissue Viability
Salisbury Health Care NHS Trust
October 1999

For further Australian Medical Sheepskin Research click:

2.      Hospital Nursing Fleece


Nursing Fleece Testimonial

3. Merck Manual - Home Edition:

"Prophylaxis The best treatment is prevention by relieving pressure on sensitive areas.

In a bedridden patient, position must be changed at least every 2 hours until tolerance for longer periods can be demonstrated (by the absence of redness). Air-filled alternating-pressure mattresses, sponge-rubber egg-crate mattresses, and silicone gel or water mattresses help decrease pressure on sensitive areas but do not negate the need for position changes every 2 hours. When maximal relief of pressure is needed, other systems, including air flotation mattresses, must be used. A Stryker frame facilitates turning patients with spinal cord injuries. Protective padding (e.g. sheepskin or a synthetic equivalent) at bony prominences should be used, especially under braces or plaster casts; a window should be cut out of the cast at potential pressure sites.

Wheelchair-bound patients may develop pressure sores. Thus, they must shift position or be shifted every 10 to 15 min, even if a pressure-relieving pillow is used.

Inspection under adequate light is important. Pressure points should be checked for erythema or trauma at least once/day. Patients and families must be taught a routine of daily visual inspection and palpation of sites for potential ulcer formation.

Meticulous care is necessary to prevent maceration and secondary infection. Lying on a sheepskin helps keep the patient's skin in good condition and minimize pressure sores. Protective padding, pillows, or a sheepskin can be used to separate body surfaces."



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Down-Under Wool is a leading edge company specializing in the prevention & treatment of bedsores, pressure sores and decubitus ulcers- a Benchmark for Quality Australian Sheepskin & Wool-Pile products since 1986.


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