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Stamp found on all authentic HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskins

M103: Pressure Care Assistant prevents bed sores on the feet.

M102: HiTemp UR Australian medical Sheepskin prevents bedsores

M171: HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin Even Pressure Boot

M117: Wool-Pile Limb Sleeves for leg & arm protection & warmth

M160: Wool-Pile FootWarmers for comfort & warmth

M161: Wool-Pile Wrap Booties for cold sensitive feet

Sheepskin Medical Boot- washable: M170

R215: SuperWool Machine Washable mattress covers: Underlays

Washable Medical Sheepskin Walker handle covers

Medical Sheepskin Wheelchair Seat & Back Covers







Medical Sheepskins have been a successful nursing aids for the prevention of pressure ulcers ( bed sores) since the early 1960’s. The value and comfort of these products is derived from the wool-pile of a tanned and shorn sheepskin or lambskin. The high density ( number of fibres per square centimetre) pile of soft, springy resilient wool fibres provides a cushion to distribute the patient’s weight and pressure points over a large area. Each fibre acts as a "mini-spring" that deforms to the body contours.

Wool fibres are able to absorb moisture up to an incredible 33% of their own weight without feeling wet. The pile surface also reduces friction with skin. These properties result in improved comfort for the patient and reduction in the primary causes of pressure ulcers (bed sores):

  •   Pressure
  •   Friction  
  •   Moisture

Medical sheepskins of the past have been used very effectively in the home environment, but were not generally used in hospitals. This was largely because many patients were incontinent and sheepskins did not hold up in these circumstances. Similarly, disinfection was a problem since sheepskins could only be washed in cold or warm water.

At last the deficiencies of previously available medical sheepskins have been solved. In 1998, a new standard for Medical Sheepskin was introduced in Australia. The CSIRO, in partnership with industry, developed new technologies that produced the : "Australian Medical Sheepskin " ( Australian Standard AS 4480.1)

Medical Sheepskins are now produced using in 2 tanning processes:

1.   HiTemp UR  Australian Medical Sheepskins

      ( M102) -    Highest Quality available anywhere:  BEST

Sheepskins of this quality are chosen because of their very high pile density and premium wool characteristics. They are specially tanned to enable washing up to 80oC and drying up to 60oC. These numbers are important for sheepskin and wool disinfection; an important consideration for use with clients who already have bed sores. The letters UR designate that the skin has increased resistance to urine; an important feature for incontinent patients. Sheepskins without this designation will break down in the presence of urine- the leather will crack and the wool will fall out.  We recommend that you use these sheepskins in the bed and wheelchair for maximum benefit. Use 24/7.


2.  Medical Sheepskins  (M101) - Excellent Quality

These champagne coloured sheepskins are of exceptional quality, having a very soft 30 mm dense pile. They have been double chrome tanned so that they can be washed in warm water. Use Woolskin for washing , disinfecting and conditioning these sheepskins.  The M101 Medical Sheepskins are not Urine Resistant and are thus not recommended for incontinent clients. The M101 is most effective when placed on the bed and in the wheelchair.

      Medical Sheepskins                              

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      As a result of purchasing a HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin, you can be assured that your sheepskin  can be laundered safely ( up  to 50 times during C.S.I.R.O laundry trials and more than 200 times when washed with Woolskin) to achieve high level disinfection that will meet hospital infection control standards.

Disinfection levels and washability can be increased even more with the use of Woolskin: Sheepskin Shampoo and Woolwash.  Woolskin conditions the sheepskin leather with continued use, as well as cleaning and disinfecting the wool.

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Down-Under Wool is a leading edge company specializing in the prevention & treatment of bedsores, pressure sores and decubitus ulcers- a Benchmark for Quality Australian Sheepskin & Wool-Pile products since 1986.


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