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Stamp found on all authentic HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskins

M103: Pressure Care Assistant prevents bed sores on the feet.

M102: HiTemp UR Australian medical Sheepskin prevents bedsores

M171: HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin Even Pressure Boot

M117: Wool-Pile Limb Sleeves for leg & arm protection & warmth

M160: Wool-Pile FootWarmers for comfort & warmth

M161: Wool-Pile Wrap Booties for cold sensitive feet

Sheepskin Medical Boot- washable: M170

R215: SuperWool Machine Washable mattress covers: Underlays

Washable Medical Sheepskin Walker handle covers

Medical Sheepskin Wheelchair Seat & Back Covers


Medical Sheepskin Slippers and Boots :

Down-Under Wool recommends:

  1. Sheepskin Medical Boot-with a soft or hard sole -a Down-Under Wool exclusive
  2. Medical Sheepskin Pressure Care Boot.

Both styles are unsurpassed for comfort and pressure sore prevention.

Sheepskin Medical Boots  with Hard Sole: 


        M170H:  Sheepskin Medical Boots with Hard Sole:  Down-Under Wool Exclusive Product.

 Made from high quality Australian sheepskin and a long wearing hard sole. Down-Under Wool has designed the  Sheepskin Medical Boots for people with foot and disability problems so that they can get them on and off easily.  The velcro strap can be adjusted to suit the wearer. Roll them up around your ankle bone for added ankle warmth or turn them down as you wish. The slippers are well suited to people with wide or swollen feet. Can be worn out of doors occasionally.

Available in Small (5 - 6), Medium(7 -8),Large( 9- 10),Extra Large(11 - 12) and Extra Extra Large ( 13 -  14):  Large means:  Ladies 10, Mens 9

Before ordering, please use our size chart to determine the size you require. Click: Size Chart

To order, click: Hard Sole Slipper

 Sheepskin Medical Boot with Soft Sole

M170S: Sheepskin Medical Boot with Soft SoleM170S: Sheepskin Medical Boots with Soft Sole - an exclusive Down-Under Wool product. This boot is basically the same as the M170H ( see above)  except that it has a soft non-slip cowhide sole instead of the hard sole. Recommended for indoor use only.

Available in Extra Small ( 3-4) Small (5 - 6),  and Extra Large(11 - 12), Extra Extra Large ( 13-14)

Before ordering, please use our size chart to determine the size you require. Click: Size Chart

To order, click: Soft Sole Slipper

Medical Sheepskin Pressure Care Boot:

                                        M171: Sheepskin Pressure Care Boot- Hi Temp UR Medical SheepskinHiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin Even Pressure Boot opens up for the perfect fit

Medical Sheepskin Pressure Care Boot: M171




Made from HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin- the best there is!  The Pressure Care Boot offers the ultimate level of foot care. Ideal for people who have just had foot surgery. The whole boot opens up, so that the sides will lie down on the floor. The foot is placed on the base, the flaps then wrap the foot in the luxurious dense medical sheepskin pile. The flaps are held in place with adjustable Velcro fasteners. The thick sole makes this Boot suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Available in  Medium (7-8), Large 9-10, Extra Large(11-12) and Extra extra Large ( 13-14). To order, click Pressure Care Boot.

The Medical Sheepskin Pressure Care Boot is an FDA approved Medical Device.

Pressure Care Boot is FDA approvedPressure Care Boot is FDA Approved

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Down-Under Wool has been a benchmark for quality and service since 1986. We are here to make sure that you receive the product best suited to your need. If you have any questions about our products or their use for  medical conditions, please contact us.  We are here to help you! 

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