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Stamp found on all authentic HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskins

M103: Pressure Care Assistant prevents bed sores on the feet.

M102: HiTemp UR Australian medical Sheepskin prevents bedsores

M171: HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin Even Pressure Boot

M117: Wool-Pile Limb Sleeves for leg & arm protection & warmth

M160: Wool-Pile FootWarmers for comfort & warmth

M161: Wool-Pile Wrap Booties for cold sensitive feet

Sheepskin Medical Boot- washable: M170

R215: SuperWool Machine Washable mattress covers: Underlays

Washable Medical Sheepskin Walker handle covers

Medical Sheepskin Wheelchair Seat & Back Covers


Medical Sheepskins for  wheelchair Pressure Sore Prevention.

Pressure Sore Prevention is the logical and most humane method you have of caring for those confined to a bed or wheelchair. Pressure sores are unnecessary and, 95% of the time, can be prevented. -American Family Physician, October 1996: v54, n5, p1519 (14)

Being comfortable and protected from the development of pressure sores while confined to a wheelchair is a challenge for all. Australian HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskins will add comfort and prevent pressure sores. wheelchair pressure points

Pressure points (‚óŹ) -see right, develop in many places while sitting in a wheelchair. Pressure reduction at these points will help to prevent pressure sores. Australian Medical sheepskin will not only reduce pressure at these points it will also reduce skin moisture and shear.

Pressure sores often develop as a result of skin friction and frequently will tear when the person moves. Australian Medical Sheepskins wick perspiration away from the skin,  keeping it dry and less likely to tear and develop into a sore.                                           

Down-Under Wool products specifically designed for wheelchair users.  (Click on a product for a detailed description and to order)

Cushion-It wheelchair pressure sore prevention pad-M105Washable Sheepskin Wheelchair Arm Pads- M125Washable Sheepskin Wheelchair Pad- M128BSWashable Sheepskin Wheelchair AccessoriesMedical Sheepskin Foot Plate Cover-M126HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin: High density & excellent crimpCustom wheelchair sheepskin lining

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 For best protection, we recommend our: 

 Wheelchair Pressure Sore Prevention Package ( M120XD):

Shipping and Handling of this package is free.

M120XD = 2 X M105XD + M125G + M126G + W103E

For more information and to order now; click Wheelchair Pressure Sore Prevention Packages.

Pressure Sore Prevention Packages ( M120XD) include:

  • TWO "Cushion-It" Wheelchair Pads (M105XD): made from Pressure Smart XD1900. Fully adjustable Velcro straps keep the Cushion-It securely in place. One Cushion-It is placed on the back of the wheelchair, the other on the seat.

  • HiTemp Wheelchair Arm Pads ( M125G ):  plush Medical Sheepskin under the arms of the client; provide a soft protective layer.

  • HiTemp Wheelchair Foot Plate Covers(M126G) protect add foot comfort.

  • Woolskin- Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner with Tea Tree Oil ( W103) : the detergent developed by the tanning industry for the cleaning, disinfection  and conditioning of sheepskin.  One bottle contains sufficient Woolskin to wash this package 10 times.

  •          Cushion-It Wheelchair Pads are FDA approved Medical Devices.


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A pressure sore can develop into a Stage 4 ulcer; like the one shown below:

Bedsores can be prevented by using Australian HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskins.

You can prevent this from happening with the judicious use of Australian Medical Sheepskin products. 

Our Australian Medical Sheepskin products are:

1. Machine Washable - Use Woolskin for best machine and hand washing care.

2. Selected very-fine pelts :   Prized for their resiliency, high pile density and excellent fiber crimp, these pelts are from the best bred sheep in existence- the Australian Merino.  Our machine washable Australian Medical Sheepskins are 38 - 40 " long  X  30- 32" wide; making them large enough to provide protection from the shoulders to below the buttocks. 

3. Guaranteed to retain their qualities for at least 50 industrial washes; when cared for as recommended in our "Warranty and Care" document. We recommend: Woolskin - the "Sheepskin Shampoo & Wool wash- with Tea Tree Oil" ,  for the cleaning, conditioning and disinfection of all washable sheepskin and wool-pile products.

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Down-Under Wool has been a benchmark for quality and service since 1986. We want to make sure that you receive the product best suited to your need. If you have any questions about our products or their use for  medical conditions, please contact us.  We are here to help you! 

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